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Learn to Cope. Learn to Thrive.




Mainstream’s Menu of Services

Supportive Services


  • Skill Building – Help with communication, building friendships, money management, crisis management, shopping, cooking, and health maintenance.
  • Housing – Help with finding and maintaining the highest level of independent living
  • Job coaching – Developing skills and opportunities for paid or volunteer work
  • Recreation – Help with identifying and pursuing areas of interest
  • Accessing Resources – Assistance with navigating various systems such as Mental Health, Social Security, MediCal, and state programs that help with finding work
  • Creative Care Management – Coordination of services with families as well as with other professionals
  • Education – Coaching to help to find academic and training opportunities
  • Medication – Assistance with understanding the role of medication in symptom-management, and provision of monitoring if this is helpful
  • Transportation – Providing rides if necessary for attending medical appointments and other activities
  • Sober Coaching – Help with attending 12-Step meetings and avoiding relapses

Individual Counseling

Mainstream offers specialized, individual treatment combining:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps individuals change self-defeating patterns of thinking.  Research shows CBT is helpful in managing and reducing stress, depression, delusions, hallucinations and negative symptoms, such as lack of motivation.
  • Supportive Counseling – Using a 1-1 format, this is designed to address the unique challenges of people with schizophrenia and other diagnoses.


Family Counseling


We have a program designed specifically to help families facing the complexities of psychiatric disorders.  Together, we develop strategies to enhance communication and loving, respectful connection.  Important areas of focus are:

  • Assessing if expectations within the family are realistic
  • Developing ways to lessen emotional reactivity
  • Discovering the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of effective communication
  • Finding the balance between helping too little and helping too much
  • Identifying and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Addressing and finding remedies for the “Failure-to-Launch” syndrome


Group Outings and Activities

Mainstream offers regular group outings and weekly activities designed to encourage interpersonal skills while developing individual confidence and fostering a sense of community.  Recent and upcoming group activities include:

  • Whale Watching Cruise
  • Visit to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles
  • Women’s Nail Spa Afternoon
  • Ventura Shopping Trip and Lunch at the Harbor
  • Mini Golf
  • Winter Holiday Dinner and Gift Exchange


Our conviction is that a person’s psychiatric diagnosis is not their destiny. We help individuals create their own unique and successful path of recovery.


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