Mountain House


Mountain House – residential treatment program.  View from the Mission Canyon side

Mountain House , located at 37 Mountain Drive, is close to the historic Mission in Santa Barbara and across from lovely Rocky Nook Park. It is a state-licensed adult residential facility serving the mentally ill and dually-diagnosed. It is a beautiful forested property on 2.84 acres with lofty oaks and sycamore trees. Mountain House is a uniquely idyllic and peaceful setting that enhances recovery from mental illness for the 14 residents.

The residential program offers 12 hours of structured activity, around-the-clock staffing, and a counseling staff dedicated to helping clients recover from mental illness.

We have a horticultural program and art classes on the property, in which our residents and outpatient clients participate. Although the length of stay at Mountain House is potentially unlimited, we encourage our residents to move on to a more independent living situation as soon as they are ready.

Beds at Mountain House are contracted by Santa Barbara County Mental Health Services to serve county clients. If you have any questions about our program at Mountain House, please call (805) 965-3434.